On-premise Time Tracking Software

WHM’s on-premise time tracking software is easy to deploy and purpose-built for organisations that want more flexibility and control of their data.

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Work Hour Monitor On-Premise

Looking for even more control of your data? Or do you have strict compliance needs? Then our on-premise solution is perfect for you. Built with the same feature-set as our cloud solution, our self-hosted time monitoring software is easily deployed and maintained on your own servers.

  • Fast, Simple Deployment
  • Government & Industry Compliant
  • Enterprise-Ready
  • Full Control of Your Data Ecosystem
  • Manage Your Data Storage
  • Self-Controlled Data Backups

Why Choose On-Premise Deployment

Elevated Security

With WHM installed on your servers, your data never leaves your network. This puts you in complete control of how your data is accessed and used.

Streamlined Compliance

On-premise deployment enables you to manage every aspect of your data storage, so you’re always compliant with geographic and company regulations.

A Solution that Scales with Your Company

WHM is built to scale -- whether your team has 10 or 10,000+ users. Flexible deployment tiers let you find the exact solution based on your team size and needs.

Single Tier

Lightweight deployment for your growing enterprise. Up to 2,000 employees.

Multi Tier

Physically separate data presentation, application processing and management to increase security and scalability.

High Availability

Supports the largest enterprise performance and security needs, with the ability to scale rapidly.


One Time Payment

This plan is best when you want to pay once for the software.

Start with Setup Cost

Initially pay for the setup and later pay for each employee with just 30 % cost.

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Technical Overview

To help you understand your technical needs, below are recommendations and minimum system requirements for supporting 500 concurrent users via on-premise deployment.


  • Linux-based (runs best on Ubuntu Server)
  • 4 CPUs, 12 GB RAM


  • Light on bandwidth -- dependant on user activity and configuration
  • 100kb every 10 minutes (without screenshots)
  • 50-450kb per screenshot when screenshots feature activated


  • Only modest storage required -- depending on user activity and configuration
  • 500GB (SSD Preferred)

Software Updates

  • Easy appliance updates: A single manual or automated command line update can be configured
  • Custom update periods can be implemented to work with your Organization’s release/training cycles