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Best time tracking software you should know about

  • 14 Jun, 2021


If you are looking for a time tracking software and you are confused to pick the right one for you from the existing ones. Then you are reading the perfect blog of perfect time tracking software.

Let me introduce you with a newly launched- Work Hour Monitor. Everyone has his own requirements and this software has every feature, which you could have imagined. Let me tell you in brief about the features of WHM.

Features: :

It’s a complete solution to track and monitor every activity of your employees. There are numerous features but I will brief just some of them.

  • Automated time tracker: It provides you a Windows application to install on your employee’s system. It will start tracking time automatically when the employee will work and will stop by itself when the employee let his system idle. Also, employees very oftenly know how much details an admin is getting from their system using this application because it looks very simple and sober.

    Automated time tracker
  • Screenshots: Windows application captures screenshots of the whole screen in every 5 minutes. You can also check the activities on the basis of typing and clicks on the screen. This feature is very rare in most of the software present in the market but WHM has a very smooth system for this.

  • Application Tracking: You can also track the applications your employees are using or working on. Report could be seen as a team and also as an individual. Application Report shows you how much time is invested on any application from the whole working time in terms of percentage.

    Application Tracking
  • URL Tracking: It tracks and shows you the URLs your team or employees have visited. It automatically prepares a report in the form of a pie chart just like the Application Report. You can review the reports for the team as a whole or individual also. Also, there is no limit on how many urls it can track. It can track an infinite number of URLs.

    URL Tracking
  • Online Status: It also has a very unique feature of tracking by online status. You can check whether your employees are online to any point of time or not. In the same page, you can check how many hours an employee has worked in the last seven days and thirty days.

    Online Status
  • Cost Calculation: If you have hired freelancers for your team and want to automate the pay process, WHM can help you in this. It has an integrated system which can show the total amount which should be paid to each freelancer on the basis of their hourly rate.

  • Offline Tracking:: This is the Ice breaker of the whole blog. It captures the screenshots in the offline mode also and once it is connected to the network it uploads the data on the server automatically. This feature is very useful where the network is a bit slow or sometimes not available. It lets your team work in offline mode also.


The costing is also very attractive because it’s almost one-third of the other software available in the market. Pricing structure is different for teams, companies, and Enterprises but there is the most sincere thing that whatever the plan you choose it comes with all the features.

  • Small teams: This is the very basic plan to subscribe on Work Hour Monitor. It is applicable upto 4 users and INR 150 is charged for each user per month.
  • Companies: This plan is applicable when you have a team of members less than 20. Just INR 100 rupees are charged for each user per month for all the features.
  • Enterprises: When you have a team of members more than 20 then you have to contact the support team of VariableSoft because our team has some exciting offers for the enterprises

Benefits of Using:

There is always a purpose of using any software. If you use WHM then you will be measuring the time and can see screenshots, but do you actually know what benefits you can get by using this software. Let me tell you in brief.

  • Transparency: There will always be transparency as you will always know from the screenshots, on which project your employee is working and also you will have the URL and Application report to check it in more depth.
  • Time management: Every employee will contribute honestly in the working hours and will maintain his share of work.
  • Effective pay: You will accurately know how much to pay a freelancer or an employee by time tracker and in case of freelancer, you can set an hourly rate from which you can directly generate a slip to pay.

There are many more benefits of using this and this is the most effective solution in the budget range to track and monitor employees. You can sign up from here- WHM and request a live demo.